Merrow Crochet machines remain the industry standard although we can now supply other similar machines that achieve the same results. The crochet stitch forms a beautiful plain edge finish on a wide variety of goods. Merrow's cam-driven machines produce a quality uniform stitch every time.
With the Merrow crochet machine you can finish a variety of articles with a decorative or retentive covering edge. Crochet machines can be configured to produce a rolled (18-A) or flat (18-E) edge, a two-thread stitch for additional colour and contrast (17-F & 15-CA-1), and a single- or double-course edge (15-CA-1).

The original Singer 138K1 is still considered by many to be give the best finish for blankets and other heavy applications where the maximum visual impact is required. The 138K1 gives a 5/8" maximum width of stitch and length of 1/2".

Reconditioned examples of this unique machine are available and we can supply spare parts for 138K1 which we engineer ourselves.

We are proud to present the New Reach range of decorative crochet shell edge machines, badge overlock and blanket whippers.

The range is comprehensive as the photos of some samples of the kind of work they produce show.

IDL-38 is made in various specific style for producing shell stitch edge finish of different sizes, and to produce any one of the three different combinations of finishes which include 1 or 4 or 8 stitch.

We would be happy to quote you for any blanket or shell edge crochet machine to suit your requirements.

Telephone us on 07973 782 893 or email with your enquiry.


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The full range of Merrow style overedge and blanket whipping machines available.

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If you have any assembly  or finishing problem just send us a sample and we'll be happy to advise on a solution. We can engineer existing machinery or create new ones.

By sending us samples  we will be able to supply the right machinery stitched off or set up for your particular job.

We won't send any piece of equipment we don't believe right for a particular job.

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Net Rope attaching overlock

IDL-4N2-P and IDL-4N-3-P are for sewing ropes to nets, with max rope size 10mm for IDL-4N3 and 12mm for IDL-4N-2.

Similar to Union Special 81200 rope attaching overlock.

The rear puller gives positive feeding at 1000 s.p.m.

IDL-M3XX badge overlocker

IDL-M3XX Badge overlock with

compass for circular badges.