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Here's some biographical details. I was born 1949 in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, North East England. I went to Gateshead Grammar for Boys, interrupted by a spell at Stannington Childrens Hospital.

I am a disciple/pupil of the Lord Jesus Christ, being converted in 1966. At that time I became a member of Bethshan Tabernacle, Newcastle upon Tyne - don't let the name put you off. From there we moved into Northumberland and joined with folks 'pioneering' in Blyth and later Morpeth.

My wife Jeanette, son Andrew and myself returned to live here in Gateshead in 1989. To earn a living I sell & hire Industrial Sewing & Pressing Machines throughout UK, Eire and Europe. Manual hot knives and automatic hot and cold cutting machines are also supplied worldwide.

I would love to hear fom any fellow saints in Gateshead or thereabouts.

If you are a disciple of the Christ living in Gateshead I would very much like to be in touch with you as we are commanded to; 'Speak to one another.' Please send me an email with your phone number and we can talk.

Please read my open letters to my fellow saints in Gateshead.

If you don't know the Lord Jesus in a real personal way (not just an imaginary friend) then you may like to read my letter to someone wanting to know Jesus which I hope may help.

I have some writings which are principally aimed at disciples of the Lord Jesus here..

I don't belong to any organisation or distinct group. I don't go to church. I am not free so to do. Neither do I level any criticism at those (the vast majority) of the saints at Gateshead who are currently members of a distinct organisation or group. Take a look at Why Go To Church? - Click to download the file,Alternatively right click here, select 'save as' to save the book in pdf format.- Please check out the paper which I hope may challenge us all to seek out the truth from Him who is the Truth.

My hope for all the saints in Gateshead is for us to receive one another for the gifts of Christ we are to each other, existing divisions to be dismantled, human organisation to be abandoned and unity to be a relational reality. Call me a cock-eyed optimist!

I've written a book called Not by Might, Not by Power - Click to download the file, 240k, prints out to about 53 A4 pages. Alternatively right click here, select 'save as' to save the book in pdf format. A semi-autobiographical look at being a disciple/pupil of the Lord Jesus the Christ from the viewpoint of someone who has experienced modern western 'churchianity' and survived. Just.


Chapter 1: Good and Faithful Servant?

Chapter 2: Disciples?

Chapter 3: Will The Real Saints Please Stand Up?

Chapter 4: One Is Your Leader.

Chapter 5: The Bible As An Icon.

Chapter 6: And Where Are You Going Now?

Chapter 7: Demonstration Please.

Chapter 8: The Back Door.

Chapter 9: See That You Build According To The Pattern.

Chapter 10: The Pattern Part 2 - Families.

Chapter 11: The Pattern Part 3 - The Outer Courts.

Chapter 12: Practical Problems.

Chapter 13: We'd Like You To Hold Down A Leg.

Chapter 14:Decisions.

Chapter 15:Whatever He Tells You To Do, Do It.

Here are some of my favourite links to Resources (In alphabetical order).


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