Hot and cold, automatic and manual cutting machines and knives

from C Thompson Machines Ltd.

We are proud to present a comprehensive range of cloth and fabric cutting machinery and equipment including;


range of fully  automatic continuous length heated and cold cutting  machines.


TBC-50 Cold knife to cut Velcro, Belt loop, Shrink tube, String, Interlining, Plastic zipper, Elastic band, Electric cord etc.

TBC-50H Hot knife to cut ribbon tape, small webbing, cord.

TBC-127V Vertical Blind Louvre Cutter, Folder, Punching.

TBC-50SH Hot Label Cutter with sensor.

TUF-40SK Ultrasonic Label Cutter with sensor, folder and stacker.

TBC-50HX heated automatic adjusting angle cutter.

TBC-50H-FT heated Fish-Tail cutter for Rosettes.

Delivering best quality and highest efficiency with CE Mark.

Used in Automotive trades, Clothing Manufacture, Canvas and Webbing trades.

Sheffield Automatic Hot, Cold and Ultrasonic tape cutters.

A huge range of extremely versatile special strip cutting machinery made in the USA with unique 2 week trial offer.

LOUVRE CUTTERS  SVC-130S vertical blind louver cutter,

folder, puncher.

SCM-130CS hot and cold multi-purpose 130mm automatic  tape/webbing cutter.

Manual heated knives scissors and punches for webbing and ribbon.

Many hot knives custom made for an individual solution.

Cutting tables  made to your specification, including vacuum and flotation.

Laser Cutters and Engravers CX Laser Technology high spec machines

End of lay cutters. Automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

Heavy duty machines for carpet and Printing Press foam.

Cloth dispensers and cradles. Made to order.

Cloth Spreading equipment from simple lap-lay trolleys to fully automatic panel cutters.

Eastman, Suprena & Hitaka Electric straight and round knives of all sizes. EC-1 (Suprena EC-235) cordless (battery) shears

Phillips Cloth Band knives.

Spare Blades for all makes and models of cutting knives.

Evergreen Ultrasonic Knives, Welders and Assembly Equipment.

The range goes from simple hand held ultrasonic knife for trimming excess vinyl from glass during windscreen production,

through sewing machine style ultrasonic seamers to fully automatic moulding, assembly and finishing plant.

Large range of used Eastman Cutting Knife,  Hot Notchers and Cloth Drills. Call 07973 782 893 or email with  address and requirements.

Hot, Cold & Ultrasonic Textile Cutting Machinery

Cuteex TBC-50LH Hot Webbing Cutter



Cutex TBC-127V Vertical Blind Cutter, Folder and Punching.

CuTex TBV-127V

Vertical Blind cutter, folder, punching.

MK5 Hot Webbing Knife.

Eastman 629X

Eastman 629X

Bluestreak 8"

Straight Knife.

If you have any cutting  or finishing problem just send us a sample and we'll be happy to advise on a solution. We can engineer existing machinery or create new ones.

By sending us samples  we will be able to supply the right machinery set up for your particular job.

We won't send any piece of equipment we don't believe right for a particular job.

Automatic Louvre Blind Cutters

Bason Automatic Cutting Knives

C Thompson

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Industrial Cutting tables

Cloth Cradles

End of lay

Cloth Cutters.

CuTeX automatic Hot, Cold, Cutters

Manual Heated Cutters 

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Ultrasonic Welding and Cutting machines

EC-1 Cordless Shears

C Thompson


toyota embroidery machines

Easy Cutter EC-1 CUTTER.

Cordless Electric (Battery) Scissors for Kevlar®, Carbon Fibre, Glass Fibre and Composites.

Fast, smooth, clean cuts with no muscle strain or pain!

Corresponds to Suprena model EC-235.




114 Saltwell Road, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE8 4XH, England. Telephone 44+(0)7973 782 893,  Or (0) 191 499 0511

Intelligent Cutting Solutions

Intelligent Cutting Solutions

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Sheffield automatic Hot, Cold, Cutters

Sheffield Strip Cutters
Red Arrow YH-935 50mm cutting knife

All Star AS-100K Taiwanese 50mm (2") hexagonal blade cutter is only 189.  The very best quality!

Red Arrow YH-935 50mm cutting knife

New Emery EC-360 cordless 60mm heavy duty hexagonal blade cutting knife for carpets as Bosch for only 295.